A Relationship With Money?

Money Matters

We wish money didn’t matter. No stress of paying bills, no worry of planning for the future, and no more money problems.

But that’s not reality!

Money does matter! You need money, even to pay for the most basic of needs.

Money can make your life easy, or make your life hard.

If you treat money with respect and love, then it may just work for you.  Giving you great benefits of wealth, travel, and financial freedom!

If you treat money like crap, well…it will reciprocate.  Providing you stress, overwhelming debt, and no escape from the rat race!

The difference…your personal relationship with money…your darling money.

A Relationship With Money?

Yes, this is a relationship.

Though thick and thin, forever…one that you can never divorce.

If it’s good, you’ll reap the results.  Strong together, you’ll be able to tackle any of life’s obstacles.

But, if it’s bad, you’re stuck with the outcome. No amount of yelling, swearing, or storming out of the room will sway the fact that you’ve mistreated money. You will pay the price.

So don’t let the relationship sour!  Work hard to keep the connection. Spend some quality time together.

And if your relationship is already on the rocks, start repairing the damage today. Stop sleeping in the doghouse!

In a healthy relationship, you’ll build a foundation of trust, understanding, mutual respect, communication, and passion.

No relationship is easy! And your relationship with money is no different.

This will take a lot of work. There will be great days and a few difficult ones. There may be some sacrifices along the way for the good of the team. You may even need to visit an advisor.

Just know that the results will be magnificent! There will be more good days than bad! Compounding happiness and receiving enormous life dividends!

So How’s Your Relationship?

Are you in a loving, supporting relationship with your money? Or a tumultuous, negative one?

How do you know?

Follow Unexploited Finances and explore.


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