Our Individual Reaction to Personal Finances

I’m fascinated by others’ reactions to personal finance.

An individual’s behaviors, emotions, and actions are so unique, so personally them.

Many of us have these preconceived notions about money or how we should be treating money, and we lack real financial education – the basics – without the scare or sales.

We all get excited by the thrill of potentially winning the lottery, quick riches. We all get nervous about discussing the results of a family death (or even our own end).

But we don’t talk about it.  We don’t share, we don’t learn.

We want the problems to go away or solve themselves – but alas, that won’t happen. And this ignorance of the issue, results in terrible tragedy.

I believe we’re all working our way to financial independence – whether it’s a traditional retirement at 65 or a non-traditional “early-retirement”  – and each of our journeys are just as unique as we are.

We’re given similar (if not the same) tools to help guide us on our quest. Our use of those tools (plus behaviors, emotions, lack of action) dictate how far (or how quickly) our journey will go.

Our relationship with our money is key.

Focus on this relationship. Learn about it, learn tools to help mold it, and then act.

Nothing gets done without action!

A life-long student of behavioral economics/finance, I’m constantly viewing the world through a lens of curiosity.

Why did she act this way? What impact will that news have on others? Why did he decide to purchase that?

Please, feed my hunger of understanding!

Feel free to share your own stories, experiences, and quests – I’m very interested in hearing!


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