The Disease of Credit Card Debt

Spreading like wildfire. Weaving its way through our society. Infecting the young, the old, the healthy, and the sick. No one is safe.

Credit card debt is viral, it’s taking over.

Signs of the sickness include frivolous spending and large, impulse purchases. Regret. A lifetime of interest payments and depression.

Some of those infected don’t even know they have a disease. They fail to recognize the signs. To admit they’re in trouble and seek out the nearest doctor.

Proponents and spreaders of the vicious malady include credit card companies, banks, retailers, marketers, television, and the government. Making purchases as easy as possible, the Devil’s spawn have now made buying on credit as easy as holding your phone.

Caught between missing the next big thing and being trendy, consumers are choosing to live with the ever-growing symptoms to feel cool. To look cool.

A few survive unscathed among the growing apocalypse. Rather than succumbing to the inevitable, they stand alone but strong. Using only money already earned, earmarked, and saved to fund their lifestyle – they’ve managed to live healthy and stress free.

Offering help and education to those with the sickness, but overshadowed by the latest tech gadget, these few outliers can only wait, watch, and enjoy life – while the sick are ravaged by the credit card pandemic.

Don’t believe credit card debt is an issue? Check out the 2104 Credit Card Debt survey from CardHub.

Several articles have already been written about this survey and sound upbeat.

“The economy must be good, consumers are purchasing more. See look at the credit card usage.”

But this is a problem!

The issue – consumers are spending more, but they don’t have the money!

So credit cards are used, they’re not being paid off, and ridiculous interest rates are being applied.

Help stop the spread of the disease!

Understand how money, cash flow, and debt work. Understand how they can work for you and provide a healthy lifestyle. Or they can work against you, providing a life of worry and financial issues.

Educate yourself!


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