Emotional Attachment to “Things”

Let’s take a moment to think about our emotional attachment to “things.” And their impact on your wallet…

Have you ever considered downsizing your home? How about downsizing your wardrobe, cars, and toys?

It’s hard. Hard to think about. Hard to do.

We’re emotionally attached to each and every item. The emotions are usually historical – children grew up in the house, you always dreamed of owning a BMW. But they may also be your perceptions of society – everyone has the new iPhone, I don’t want to appear too poor to own a television.

Your emotions not only impact your investing, your daily stresses, and your relationships, they also impact your current “stuff.”

And how often do you use everything stored in your garage? Keeping it in the packing box, just in case you run into that one specific, special situation, where you may need it…for ten minutes.

This is not to say that you should sell everything you own and live like a hermit. But rather consider the possibilities of owning less, making fewer purchases, and de-cluttering your current life.

Challenge the status quo, challenge group-think, challenge the advertisers, and the media.

Have you considered your emotional attachment to “things?”

Would you make changes?


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