Building a Healthy Financial Relationship is Possible.

If you don’t treat your money well, then it will disappear.

Easily given away to perfect strangers, in return for rent, food, consumables, and debt payments.

Spending every penny you make – plus some you don’t have (credit cards) – is unsustainable. You may be fine for now…as long as you hold down that paying job. But what about an unexpected emergency or job loss? How do you cover your living expenses when your monthly income is gone?

This is even more exasperated if you’re using debt to fuel your lifestyle. You are digging yourself into a hole, fueling a life dependent on you making more money than required to pay back to creditors. Doesn’t sound fun to me.

The solution?

Building a healthy relationship with your money.

One where you save for emergencies and retirement. One where you pay off your credit card balances monthly. One where you are not tied to the ebbs and flows of merit increases and bonuses.

Sounds much less stressful!

So how do you build this healthy relationship? Nothing new, just sage wisdom…

1. Prioritize.

2. Budget.

3. Small emergency fund (increasing over time).

4. Monthly contributions to a company 401(k) or IRA (or Roth IRA).

Trying to ignore the problems – or ignore your finances completely – will only make things worse.

Results come from action.

Is money something that doesn’t matter to you? You spend it and that’s how it should be?

Or, is money a means to an end? Where you use money to reach your goals and priorities in life? Letting money work for you through savings, investing, and compounding.

Actually acting on these steps. Actually putting in the time to care about your money. That’s the only way things will change.

Are you working on your relationship with money?


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