Overcoming Our Fears

The negative thoughts crept into my head.

Could I really start my own business while still working full-time? Could I make enough money? Was I comfortable charging people for a service?

I started to get anxious and couldn’t sleep.

What was I doing? I want to travel. I want independence. If I have on-going clients, can I still do everything I want?

“Yes you can,” said my astute wife. “You’re just making excuses. Look what you’ve already done. It’s time to step-up or move on. We’re always going to need income, even when traveling, just decide where you want it to come from.”

She was right…again! (Seems like she’s right a lot all of the time.)

I was letting my negative thoughts get the best of me.

Negative Thoughts

I was letting my internal fears dictate how my life would be – and let me tell you, if my fear had its way, then I wouldn’t do anything.

I’d never leave my job for another (or self-employment), never try new food, never swim in that river pool, and never travel.

I’d try to blend in, rather than take a stand. I’d be afraid to do things differently, to be unique, or to seek adventure.

Reflecting, I realized I was in a funk – cause life ain’t so bad!

My wife and I have made a commitment to exploit life.

We’ve found a way to take advantage of our (corporate) jobs to travel the world.

We’ve taken control of our finances and worked our way to being debt free.

We have a plan for the near future and we are taking huge strides on reaching the goal.

I’ve started a business to help others financially.

Internal Fears – Ignore Them

We all face our internal fears daily. They never go away.

Sometimes our voices are good and are protecting us from danger – wanting to pet a baby Grizzly in the forest…probably not a good idea. But other times they’re detrimental to our potential, they hold us back – not making financial priorities because we don’t know anyone else who’s done it.

And by default most of us listen to them.


Learn to ignore them, or listen to them less often in certain situations.

Doing something unique, going against the grain, trying to exploit our finances and exploit our life, is not dangerous (most of the time). Rather it’s exhilarating! It’s fun and makes us individuals.

Ignore the voices when…

  • You want to start a new project, but have never done it before. Instead go learn and start.
  • You want to be financially independent when you’re 45, but you’ve never seen it happen. Instead make a plan and start.
  • You want to travel the world, but your Aunt Betty tells you about all of the dangers. Instead travel the world, because it’s probably just as dangerous in Aunt Betty’s hometown.

Easy to Talk

It’s easy to tell someone to ignore the voices, but hard to actually do so.

I’ll continue to struggle with my own fears, I know that. But I do have my realist wife by my side, who can slap me across the face (metaphorically speaking, most of the time) and tell me to get my shit together. I’m supported.

Having the right support structure can help you on your journey. If you don’t already have it, seek it out. Surround yourself with others who support your crazy (or not so crazy) endeavors and who are looking for their own quests.

Don’t let your fears hold you back from life.

Be motivated. Take action. Ignore the negative voices.

Are you held back by fear? What would you be doing if you could ignore your negative thoughts?


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